You have /cmi checkcommand [keyword] command to find commands related to the keyword

For most of the commands, there is no difference if a player is online or not.
[someVariable] – required 
(someVariable) – optional

Some commands will have additional information about them, including extra permission nodes when using ? sign, in example /cmi alert ? will show some explanation on needed permission nodes not only usage.
Some commands will have special variable -s which will prevent any message output after performing, allowing for a silent command performance in case you need this. Players need to have cmi.command.silent permission node.
The base permission node to use any command is cmi.command which is given by default for everyone. 

Every command follows basic permission requirements: cmi.command.[commandName] in example heal command will require cmi.command.heal keep in mind that this will not allow you to heal others, only yourself. To perform commands on others, you will need extra permission cmi.command.heal.others

Required permission nodes can be seen while hovering over the error message in-game

(time) the variable can be defined like: 1s (1 second) 5m (5 minutes) 2h (2 hours) 3d (3 days) 7w (7 weeks) 1M (1 month) 4y (4 years) multiple variables can be combined to get more accurate time, like 5h32m52s

Commands update to match version, some small differences in comparison with ingame output can be seen in time.

Sends action bar message to player

-s:[seconds] defines time we should keep this message visible. Due to how it works it might override some other action bar messages from another plugin if this message was set to specific time and another plugin tries to show new message

Toggle afk mode. Reason could be provided

Check players afk status

Alerts administration on players login

Permissions: – to see alerts on player login

Lists all recorded alerts

Create custom alias for one or multiple commands

More info HERE

Applies potion effect to an armor. Multiple effects can be applied at same time. Removing effect can be done by using /cmi armoreffect while holding armor piece which will show you ingame editor, this will allow you to add more than one effect and manage existing ones. Example speed:3 will add speed level 3 effect, this will by default use 15 second timer which gets updated every 15 seconds

Opens armorstand editor

More information HERE

Attaches command(s) to item

More information HERE

Teleports back to last saved location

Check money balance

Check top money list

Ban list

Sends special message to all players on all servers

Cycle block states

Check block information

Show block NBT information

Sends special message to all players

If message starts with ! then clean message will be shown without broadcast prefix

Worlds can be defined to broadcast messages only in those worlds

Open cartography table

Create and join chat rooms

-locked will prevent players from leaving chat room

-private will make chat room accessible only with invites from room creator

-persistent creates room which remains after server restart

Search for a players other accounts by player name or ip address

Check players ban status

Search for possible commands by keyword

Check players exp status

Search for possible permissions by keyword

Convert money into check. Real physical item. By default paper is needed to create one. Right clicking item will deduct money to players accounts

Clear players inventory

Clear Types:










Clears chat

Permission: cmi.command.clearchat.bypass – to ignore chat cleaning

When using self variable, only your chat will be cleared

Clear players ender chest

Shows all posible colors

Shows all posible colors

Set players compass point to your location


  • /cmi compass Zhax
  • /cmi compass Zrips Zhax
  • /cmi compass LT_Craft 0 0 Zrips -s
  • /cmi compass reset Zrips

Condense items into blocks

Starts counter for surrounding players

cmi.command.counter.force – to force counter for everyone in range
cmi.command.counter.time – define custom time range
cmi.command.counter.range – to define custom range
cmi.command.counter.msg – to define custom message
cmi.command.counter.autojoin – joins counter automatically
-f will force counter to all players in range
Example: /cmi counter start r:30 t:7 msg:&eCustom_message -f

Detailed playtime in GUI format

Keep in mind that this is separate from playtime command and can show slightly different playtimes as it uses different engine to tract it.

Shows custom text

More information HERE

Suspends players actions

Manages item custom recipes

This only works by ingredients material type. It will ignore any extra data like item name, lore, enchants and so on. This is vanilla behavior.

Returns to death location

Dispose of unneeded items throw GUI

Check distance between 2 points

Donate item you are holding

Teleport one floor down

Manage dynamic signs

More information HERE

Dye leather armor

Some colors are dynamic and will update by specific conditions

Custom text editor

More information HERE

Edit your locale file

Keep in mind that some lines can be too long to be shown in chat text editor and can be not editable throw this command.

Adds potion effect to player. use clear to remove all effects

-visual will add visible bubbles and icon on top right corner
/cmi effect zrips nightvision 60 1 – will give 60 sec night vision for Zrips
/cmi effect zrips nightvision +10 – will add 10 sec to current night vision time
/cmi effect zrips nightvision -10 – will take out 10 sec from current night vision time
/cmi effect all health_boost 60 1 – will boost hp by 1 for everyone online

Enchant items

-o will take item from offhand

-onlyvalid will check if item can be enchanted with that particular enchant. Useful when performing from console.

-inform will inform player whose item being enchanted. Useful when performing from console.

-s will perform command silently for command sender

-i:[itemName:data] will limit enchant to particular item

-keeponlyvalid will remove all enchants from item which are not valid for that particular item

Opens players ender chest

Toggles endgateway block beam on and off

Check entity information

Check entity nbt information

Set players exp. Use L to set levels

/exp 10
/exp add 10
/exp set 10L
/exp take 10
/exp Zrips clear
/exp Zrips add 10

Extinguish a player

Finds nearest biome by name

Scans for damaged chunks

    stats – show current scanning stats
    pause – pause scaning
    continue – continue scanning
    stop – stop scaning
    stopall – stops all chunk fixes which are running currently

    speed [amount] – set current scan speed
    autospeed [true/false] – set autospeed turned off or on
    messages [true/false] – set message output to off or on
/fixchunk w LT_Craft
/fixchunk w LT_Craft r 50 c 1024:-2048
/fixchunk w LT_Craft r g
/fixchunk fix

Set players fly true or false

Toggle flight charge mode

Set players fly speed from 0 to 10

Manage gamerules in GUI

Auto generate possible item worth values

Get book of a ctext feature

Give item to player

-slot:[number] will try to place item in defined slot if possible, if not then to any empty available slot in players inventory

More information HERE

Give item for all players

– give item name or its id with data value
– optionaly provide amount you want to give
– n – to define itemname
– l – to define item lore
– e – to define item enchants
– -s – wont show feedback message
– h – followed with player name will give item from its hand
– inv – followed by player name will give entire inventory for others 
– offline – to include offline players
cmi giveall stone 1 n &2Uber_stone l &3Stone_lore offline
cmi giveall h Zrips
cmi giveall inv Zrips

Set players glow mode

Example: /glow Zrips red

Permissions: cmi.command.glow.[color] – allows to set particular glow color

Set players game mode

Set players god mode to true or false

Open grindstone

Clears server from unnecessary items

+cm will include minecarts into cleaning
+cb will include boats into cleaning
+ci defines if you want to include weapons and armors
+b broadcasts clear message to everyone
+tnt removes ignited tnt
+sh includes shulkerbox itemstacks, keep in mind that dropped shulkerbox item can contain items in them which you might not want to remove

Check if player has particular permission

Place item like hat

Heal player


  • /cmi heal zrips
  • /cmi heal zrips 10
  • /cmi heal zrips 10% 
  • /cmi heal all

Sends message for help to staff members

Requires cmi.command.helpop.inform too see messages

Create or manage holograms

More information HERE

addline [hologramName] [text] – will add defined new line to hologram directly, this will place new line at the end
deleteline [hologramName] [lineNumber] – deletes defined line
editline [hologramName] [lineNumber] [text] – modifies defined line with new text
update [hologramName] – will force update hologram in case you made some changes to it which dint got properly updated or you simply want to force update hologram without automatic update timer enabled
info [hologramName] – shows information of defined hologram

Change hologram page

Related to hologram feature and more information how to use this can be found HERE

A list of homes that you can click to teleport to

Create interactive command

More information HERE

Perform command only when player is offline

Perform command only when player is online

Ignores player

cmi.command.ignore.bypass – to bypass ignore list

Import data from other plugins like essentials or holographicdisplays

Imports users from playerdata folder in main world folder. Server can suffer lag spike during import

Show players information is required to see players ip address. To see players country you will need THIS file to be present in CMI folder

Opens players inventory


cmi.command.inv.preventmodify – prevents inventory editing

cmi.invedit – allows to edit inventory

cmi.command.inv.location – shows players location

Open saved inventory in preview mode

-e will open inventory in edit mode. cmi.command.invcheck.edit permission is required for this to have effect

last will open last saved inventory

Show saved inventories list

Load saved inventory

last will load last saved inventory

Remove saved inventories for player

all will remove all saved inventories for this player

last will remove last saved inventory

Removes all saved inventories

confirmed variable is required to avoid unintentional removal of saved inventories

Ban players ip

cmi.command.banip.bypass – to bypass ban

Shows full list of banned ip’s and possible owner names of those ip’s

Give item to yourself

Check or modify items custom model data

Show item information

Show item NBT information

Edit jails

More information HERE

List out all jails with jailed players in them

Jump to target block

cmi.command.jump.[amount] is required for max distance you can jump with this command

Kick player with custom message

cmi.command.kick.bypass – prevents from being kicked out

Gives predefined kit

cmi.kit.[kitName] – allows to use particular kit – bypass money requirement
cmi.kit.bypass.exp – bypass exp requirement
cmi.kit.bypass.onetimeuse – bypass one time use

/cmi kit [kitName] [playerName] – will give kit to another player

-preview will open UI where player can check what kit gives but cant actually pick anything from it. This can be achieved by using /kitpreview command

-open will open UI with items included in kit where player can choose what he wants to pick from it. Keep in mind that closing UI will delete items in top inventory permanently. This can be achieved by using /kitopen command

More information HERE

Starts kit editing

More information HERE

Reset kit usage counter

Opens kit in a preview window

Opens UI with kit items where you can choose what you want to pick. Any items left in top inventory when closing it will be deleted.

Show played players from last x minutes

Launch at direction you are looking or at angle

-nodamage will indicate that player who lands after being launched should not be effected by fall damage

cmi launch – will launch at direction you are looking
cmi launch p:3.2 – will launch with power of 3.2
cmi launch p:2.5 a:25 – will launch at direction you are looking with angle of 25 degrees and with power of 2.5
cmi launch Zrips d:east – will launch to east direction same angle you are looking
cmi launch Zrips d:0 – will launch at 0 degrees direction (south) same angle you are looking
cmi launch d:45 a:30 p:2 – will launch south-west at 30 degree angle with power of 2
cmi launch loc:150:120:123 – will launch player to target location, keep in mind that this will only try to launch to that location, but some limitations aplies

Fix light in chunks around you

Shows online player list

cmi.command.list.admin – places player into admin groupd
cmi.command.list.staff – places player into staff group
cmi.command.list.hidden – shows players who are hidden[number] – places player into predefined group by its number

Prevents logging into account from different ip

Check or send mail to all players

Set server into maintenance mode

cmi.command.maintenance.bypass – to bypass maintenance mode

Changes maximum amount of players who can connect to server


cmi.fullserver.bypass – join full server

Sends special message to all players

Open merchant trade window

Changes database system and migrates all data

Starts block place/break mirroring

Manage money balance


/cmi money give Zrips 100 gives Zrips 100

/cmi money give Zrips %rand/1-1000% gives Zrips random amount between 1 and 1000

/cmi money take Zrips 1% takes from Zrips balance 1% of what he has

/cmi money take Zrips 1%[100-500] takes from Zrips balance 1% , but no less then 100 and no more then 500 of what he has

/cmi money take Zrips 1%[100-500][Zhax] takes from Zrips balance 1%, but no less then 100 and no more then 500 of what Zhax has

/cmi money give all 1000 gives all online players 1000

/cmi money give alloffline 1000 gives to everyone, including offline players 1000

Fills item stack to maximum amount

cmi.command.more.oversize  to get oversized stacks

Sends message to player

If message starts with ! then clean message without sender name will be shown. Requires cmi.command.msg.clean permission

If message starts with !- then clean message without sender name will be shown and without option to reply. Requires cmi.command.msg.noreply permission

Mute player


  • /cmi mute zrips 1m
  • /cmi mute zrips 1h
  • /cmi mute zrips 1h For swearing

Prevent public messages


  • /cmi mutechat 1m
  • /cmi mutechat 1h

Set players name plate prefix, suffix or its color. Glow effect will temporary override players name color.

To use a space, use an underscore _ To parse a placeholder, use two underscores __ Examples: To get it to say “hi bob” you type /cmi nameplate -pref:hi_bob To get it to say some placeholder, type: /cmi nameplate -pref:%some__placeholder%

Check who is near you

Default max distance 200. Can be increased with cmi.command.near.max.[amount] permission node

Changes player name

To change into different nick name: cmi.command.nick.different This allows to change name by only changing its colors but not actual name itself.

To bypass length protection use cmi.command.nick.bypass.length

Toggle no-mob target mode

Open book gui

Optionally you can provide exact file which needs to be loaded and shown. This approach is less efficient then having already parsed ctext files, but it does allow you to show ctext which are not directly loading into memory. 

Check operator player list

Modify personal options

Commands work individually. Without parameters will open a GUI where players can toggle to enable/disable certain features.
As of CMI version 9.1.4.x these legacy commands have been moved into a newer more convenient single /options command: togglecompass, toggleshiftedit, toggletotem, tagtoggle, socialspy, commandspy, signspy, msgtoggle, tptoggle, paytoggle.

In the config.yml file you can further configure the /options’ GUI panel.

Permissions involved to allow modifying specific options: cmi.command.options.[visibleholograms/shiftsignedit/totembossbar/bassbarcompass/tagsound/chatspy/cmdspy/signspy/acceptingpm/acceptingtpa/acceptingmoney/chatbubble]. Players will also need the base command: cmi.command.options

Placeholders are grouped as well:



Shows animated particles. More information at WIKI page

Teleports to random players without repeating same player until all players have been visited. 

Perform money transaction

Shows players ping

List out all placeholders

Option to parse placeholder to check out what it would return and which plugin will translate it

Set players collision mode

Only for 1.9+ servers

Shows player total play time

Shows top list of player total play time

Point to block. Particle line will be drawn towards target block

Show current position of a player

Load chunks for given range

Check playtime rewards

Controls player personal time


  • /ptime 13:00:00
  • /ptime 1pm
  • /ptime 13
  • /ptime 7000ticks
  • /ptime Zrips 1pm
  • /ptime freeze
  • /ptime unfreeze
  • /ptime realtime
  • /ptime reset

Cleans player data from world folder by inactive days. This can only be done from console.

Your rank information

List of possible ranks

Set a players rank

-cmd will perform command defined for that rank rankup

-cost will charge player with money, exp or items if defined for that rank rankup

player will get rank even if he doesn’t have enough money, exp or required items

Check players real name

Check item recipe

Reloads plugins config and locale files

Removes user and its data

Remove warp point

Repair items – allows a user to repair items in their hand – allows a user to repair items in armor slots – allows a user to repair their whole inventory – allows a user to repair items without adding repair share protection

Set items repair cost

/repaircost 10
/repaircost set 10
/repaircost add 10
/repaircost take 10
/repaircost Zrips clear
/repaircost Zrips add 10

Replaces blocks in current world around you

– pause – pause replacing
– continue – continue replacing
– stop – stop replacing
– speed [amount] – set current replace speed
– autospeed [true/false] – set autospeed turned off or on
– messages [true/false] – set message output to off or on
/cmi replaceblock id 52 w stone r 10
/cmi replaceblock id 52,gold_block w stone r 15 y 100
/cmi replaceblock id 52 w air r g y 100
/cmi replaceblock id iron_ore%75 w stone%90,dirt%5 r g

Replay to last message sender

Resets particular database columns to default value

Ride target entity

cmi.command.ride.[entityType] – to have access in riding entity

Teleports to random location

List players logged in from same ip

Set players saturation

Saves every player inventory

-online variable can be used to save only online player inventories

Save or manage saved items

-t:[playerName] target player who gets this item

-c:category defines item category, can be used when creating item for better item management

Starts sign copy process
If player name is provided, then target player can click sign and will copy over sign text instead of player who initialized this command

Scans defined range or entire map for particular items in all possible containers.

    – stats – show current scanning stats
    – pause – pause scanning
    – continue – continue scanning
    – stop – stop scanning
    – stopall – stops all active scannings

    – speed [amount] – set current scan speed
    – autospeed [true/false] – set autospeed turned off or on
    – messages [true/false] – set message output to off or on
    id [id:data]
    q [minimum quantity]
    r [range in chunks] – option to use g instead of number to scan entire map
    n [item name]
    l [item lore]
    h uses info from item in hand
    e [enchantname]
    elvl [enchantminlevel]
    purge – removed found items, this feature should be enabled in config file

    /scan id 52 r 30
    /scan id diamond_block r g q 32

Allows to break items into raw ingredients and extract enchantments with particular chance

Trigger schedule

Changes sign text line

Use /n for additional line

Search items/enchants/fly/maxhp/gm/oversize modes and other stuff from all users
    id [id:data]
    name [some_custom_itemname]
    lore [some_custom_lore]
    enchant [lowest enchant level]
    potion [lowest custom potion effect level]
    fly [true or false]
    gm [0/1/2/3 or survival/creative/adventure/spectator]
    maxhp [lowest hp player have]
    god [true/false]
    /search gm 1
    /search id 52
    /search lore Uber_lore

Check when player was last seen

Sell items from inventory

Send all online players to target server

Connect to bungeecord server

Show server list

Show server time

Allows to set enchantment worth which is used in sell hand and scavenger commands

Sets first spawn point

Sets home location

cmi.command.sethome.unlimited – to have unlimited anount of homes

-l:worldName;x;y;z will define custom location for new home location, this requires cmi.command.sethome.customloc permission node

-p will define home as private and other players will not have option to teleport to this home location

(block/Material) allows to define custom icon in you home gui. In example /sethome home block will pick block under your feet and use as icon. While /sethome home woodenshovel will use actual wooden showel as icon. 

If slot number is provided then we will try to place that particular home in that slot in GUI. Keep in mind that this is from 0 to 900 which is equal to 20 pages. So having slot number as 52 will place it in first page if there are no ore icons after it. But if you will have one more which is above 55 then all homes above 45 will get moved to next page as wee need to free up space for buttons. Example /sethome home 50 will set home at slot 50 in GUI. If you have more then one home with same slot, then they will get placed one after another.

You can override existing home location if you have cmi.command.sethome.overwrite permission node

Set server motd

Sets warp location

/cmi setwarp spawn – simple warp to spawn
/cmi setwarp spawn true – creates warp and will require cmi.command.warp.[warpname] permission node to use it
/cmi setwarp spawn hand – creates warp will take item from hand to display in gui for this warp
/cmi setwarp spawn 13 – creates warp and sets gui slot to be used in gui (1-54)
/cmi setwarp spawn true hand 13 – creates warp with icon from hand, slot 13 and requires permission
/cmi setwarp spawn true hand 13 false – same as previous, but doesn’t generate lore

More information HERE

Change item worth with GUI

Mute player without telling him that he is muted

Dismount any entity riding you

Shoot projectile


  • smallfireball
  • largefirreball
  • thrownexpbottle
  • snowball
  • egg
  • witherskull
  • arrow
  • bullet
  • shulker
  • shulkerbullet
  • trident
  • spit
  • llama
  • llamaspit

Blocks public messages

cmi.command.silence.bypass – to bypass silence

Toggles silent chest

Sit in your position

Strike ground or player with lightning

Solves complex equations ranging from basic 2+2 to cos(1)*pi/0.4+tan(5)

Teleports back to spawn location

Edit spawner

Spawns entity at your location

First argument always is main entities name
You can define entities states: baby, adult, dumb, tamed, n-[name], upwards, glow, skull-[name], helmet-[itemname], chest-[itemname], legs-[itemname], boots-[itemname], mhand-[itemname], ohand-[itemname], effect-levitation/10/1-speed/10/2. /n Example: horse:baby:tamed:n-Horsy, zombie:skull-Zrips:n-AngryZombie:mhand-Diamond_Sword
– some entities have special variables: 
Sheep &e- white, brown, red, rainbow and so on… primed_tnt &e- [ticks], incendiary
Horse &e- white, chestnut, creamy, darkbrown, gray, black
Ocelot &e- red, siamese, wild, black experience_orb – [number]
Skeleton – wither, Creeper – charged Wolf – angry”,
Zombie – villager, blacksmith, butcher, farmer, priest, librarian
Villager – blacksmith, butcher, farmer, priest, librarian
Slime, MagmaCube – size by giving number from 1. slime:3
ArmorStands – nogravity, noplate, arms, noarms, small
ShulkerBullet – [target], bounce
Extra variables:
ps:zombie:priest:baby-1 – passanger with amount
hp:20 – health
sp:3 – spreads randomly entities in range
s:4 – entities speed
t:[playername] – target which one entities will attack
q:10 – amount you want to spawn
[playername] – spawns entities at players location
loc:123/13.0/-15/World – spawn location. World name is optional if used as player
Example: /cmi spawnmob sheep:adult:rainbow ps:chicken:baby:n-Chick_on_Sheep q:10 sp:10 hp:50 s:2

Sends message to staff channel

Check players stats

Show server status

Force another player to perform command

cmi.command.sudo.bypass – protects player from being ‘trolled’

Switch all data from one player to another

Use UUID for more accurate transfers, especially when usernames matching each other

Force tablist update for all or specific player

TempBan player

Time value can be defined with + or – which will indicate change on current ban state. + will add extra time while – will take away, if resulting time is under 1 tick then we will simply unban player. 
Example: /tempban Zhax +5m -s will add 5 minutes to players ban, repeating this command will increase players ban time

Temporary ban players ip address

cmi.command.banip.bypass – to bypass ban

Set temporary players fly mode until relog or until time ends

tfly Zrips 30 – fly mode for next 30 sec
tfly Zrips +30 – adds fly mode for an additional 30 sec
tfly Zrips 0 – fly mode until relog
tfly Zrips – check if player have tfly mode enabled and until when

Set players temporarily god mode until relog or time end

tgod Zrips 30 – god mode for next 30 sec
tgod Zrips 0 – god mode until relog
tgod Zrips – check how long a player has tgod for, if at all.

Controls server time

/time 13:00:00
/time 1pm
/time 13
/time 7000ticks
/time 1pm Lt_Craft
/time 1pm all
/time add 0:30
/time take 0:30
/time freeze
/time unfreeze
/time realtime
/time autorealtime start/stop

Sends toast message to player

Only for 1.12+ servers

Teleport to highest point at your location

Teleports to player’s location

Ask the player if you can teleport to them

Ask all online players to teleport to your location

Accept teleport request

Asks player to accept teleportation to your location

-c will teleport to location when offer was made and not where player is currently. This requires cmi.teleport.currentlocation permission node from command sender

Teleports all online players to location

Teleports ALL players from specific world. Target location can be defined in case you want to perform this command from console.

Example: /cmi tpallworld LT_Craft_nether LT_Craft;0;150;0

-a will teleport everyone who is located in no longer existing world. This can happen if you have removed custom world with plugin like multiverse core and offline player is still located in that world

Bypass teleportation to unsafe location

Deny teleport request

Teleports player to your location

Teleports to player’s location by force

Teleports player to your location by force

Teleports to location by force and will override any area protections player might have

-p: will define player you want to teleport. This will require you to have cmi.command.tpopos.others permission node

-rng: will teleport at random location from center point by given radius

x, y and z can be in relative coordinates. In example /tpopos ~0 ~1 ~0 will teleport you 1 block up

Teleports to location

-p: will define player you want to teleport. This will require you to have cmi.command.tppos.others permission node

-rng: will teleport at random location from center point by given radius

x, y and z can be in relative coordinates. In example /tppos ~0 ~1 ~0 will teleport you 1 block up

Check servers tps status

Spawn tree where you are looking

Keep in mind that this command will ignore area protection plugins due to how minecraft handles this feature

Unban player or ip

Uncondense items into smaller parts

Release player from jail

Unloads chunks from server memory

-f variable will force for all chunks to be unloaded in one go

Unmute public chat

Manage players meta data

Any set meta can be displayed with %cmi_user_meta_[key]% placeholder around plugin

More information HERE

Administration tools

Edit vanish mode for player

Show plugin version

Change view range

Up to 1.14 minecraft version

Manage players votes

/voteedit Zrips
/voteedit add 10
/voteedit take 10
/voteedit Zrips clear
/voteedit Zrips add 10

Check players vote count

Check top vote list

Set players walk speed from 0 to 10

Check player warnings

Lists warp groups

Controls server weather

/sun lock
/sun 120
/sun Lt_Craft

Shows players previous names

Open workbench

Teleports to different world

Requires[worldName] in addition to base permission node

Check list of items with set sell prices