Defining item stack with a one-liner. Keep in mind that it should not contain any spaces, and in case you need to define space for something like item name or item lore, use an underscore like _ and in case you need an actual underscore, then use double, like __

Examples of more complicated items

Item definition needs to start with a material name. For example snowball or SNOWBALL or even SNOW_BALL will be accepted.

Sub values

Sub-values are separated with ; followed with an indicator to define what type it is, and its value is enclosed with {}. If you need ; inside a name or lore, then use ;; 
No spaces allowed; use _ for space and __ for underscore.


Amount is defined after material by separating material name with -, for example, ACACIA_PRESSURE_PLATE-5 which will define 5 items. If the amount is not defined then 1 will be used.
Alternatively, you can separate the amount with ; like ACACIA_PRESSURE_PLATE;5

Item Name

The item name is defined as n{&2Custom_Item_Name} or clean &2Custom_Item_Name if this is the first entry as a text that can’t be recognized as any other variable, ignored if it contains \n, which will be used for lore entry instead

Example: BREAD-12;&2Tasty! or BREAD-12;n{&2Tasty_food!}

Item Lore

Item lore is defined as l{&2First_Line\n&3Second_line} or clean &2First_Line\n&3Second_lineseparate lore lines can be defined by including \n, no empty spaces in it. If it is a single line, then it will need to be enclosed with l{} or have an item name already defined before it.

For example: BREAD-12;l{&2Eat_Me!} or BREAD-12;&2Eat_Me!\n{#blue}Tasty!


Item enchants are defined as sharpness:2,durability:5 separate enchants if you want to include more than one.

Example: Bow;durability:5,power:1

Custom Model Data

Item custom model data is defined as cm{123456} this needs to contain an integer-type number

Example: carrot;cm{1234}


Item attributes are defined as AttackDamage:1.5:add:Mainhand,Luck:1:multiply_base:Head the first value will define the attribute type, followed by the amount it needs to change. This can be any fractional value that will be used in a defined operation. The operation can be defined by numbers 0, 1, 2 or by operation names add, multiply_base, multiply


  • Armor
  • ArmorToughness
  • AttackDamage
  • AttackKnockback
  • AttackSpeed
  • FlyingSpeed
  • FollowRange
  • KnockbackResistance
  • Luck
  • MaxHealth
  • MovementSpeed
  • JumpHeight
  • SpawnReinforcements


  • 0 or add
  • 1 or multiply_base
  • 2 or multiply


  • Mainhand
  • Offhand
  • Head
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Feet

Example: bow;AttackDamage:1.5:multiply_base:Mainhand,Luck:1:multiply_base:Head

Item Flags

Item flags are defined as hide_attributes,hide_enchants separate each flag with,


  • hide_armor_trim
  • hide_attributes
  • hide_destroys
  • hide_dye
  • hide_enchants
  • hide_placed_on
  • hide_potion_effects
  • hide_unbreakable

Example: diamondsword;hideunbreakable,hideattributes,hide_enchants

Spawner type

It is only applicable for spawners. Spawner type can be defined in a basic way as creeper or any other entity type existing in your server version. 
Side note: setting the spawner name will change the spawner’s custom name, and if you are defining items’ custom name without using n{[name]} format, then you should set the name before setting the spawner name; the name will be shifted into the lore section.

Example: spawner;&2My_Creepy_Spawner!;creeper or spawner;creeper;n{&2My_Creepy_Spawner!}

Leather armor colors

It is only applicable for leather armor item stacks. Defined like leatherboots;662266 or leatherboots;red or leatherboots;125,23,123 

Example: leatherboots;lightpurple or leatherboots;random


It is only applicable to paintings. Defined by simply providing the paintings’ name


  • Alban
  • Aztec
  • Aztec2
  • Bomb
  • Burning_skull
  • Bust
  • Courbet
  • Creebet
  • Donkey_kong
  • Earth
  • Fighters
  • Fire
  • Graham
  • Kebab
  • Match
  • Pigscene
  • Plant
  • Pointer
  • Pool
  • Sea
  • Skeleton
  • Skull_and_roses
  • Stage
  • Sunset
  • Void
  • Wanderer
  • Wasteland
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Wither

Example: painting;pool

Goat Horns

It is only applicable to goat horns. Defined by simply providing goat horns’ name


  • Ponder
  • Sing
  • Seek
  • Feel
  • Admire
  • Call
  • Yearn
  • Dream

Example: goathorn;call

Armor trims

For 1.20+ servers

Armor trims are defined as iron:dune any combination of type and pattern can be used, but only one trim and one pattern should be used

Trim types

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Lapis
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Netherite
  • Redstone
  • Amethyst
  • Quartz

Trim pattern

  • Coast 
  • Dune
  • Eye
  • Host
  • Raiser
  • Rib
  • Sentry
  • Shaper
  • Silence
  • Snout
  • Spire
  • Tide
  • Vex
  • Ward
  • Wayfinder
  • Wild

Example: chainmailchestplate;iron:dune


When you have potion itemstack you can define its type, if it is upgraded, and if it is expanded with something like speed:true:true

Example: potion;speed:true:true


Special variables to define specific things about an item. Define as unbreakable

Unbreakable – makes item unbreakable 
Example: diamondsword;unbreakable


Only for decorated pots decoratedpot;Skull,Archer,Angler,Explorer you can have less than 4 sherds. Anything above 4 will be ignored

  • Angler
  • Archer
  • Arms_up
  • Blade
  • Brewer
  • Burn
  • Danger
  • Explorer
  • Friend
  • Heartbreak
  • Heart
  • Howl
  • Miner
  • Mourner
  • Plenty
  • Prize
  • Sheaf
  • Shelter
  • Skull
  • Snort

Example: decoratedpot;Skull,Archer,Angler,Explorer