The /cmi killall feature provides an option to clean up currently loaded entities by your provided criteria.

– By default entities which has custom name will not get removed.
– Entities in boats or minecarts will be ignored.
– The range can be provided to help remove entities in close range only.

Command arguments explained

-monsters will remove all monster-type entities. This in general includes zombie, skeletons, wither, and so on.
-pets will include any entity which can be tamed, like a horse or wolf
-npc will include entities with metadata of NPC usually results of plugin like Citizens
-animals removes animal-type entities, like pigs or cows
-ambient entities like a bat
-named any entity with a custom name (angry and friendly mobs) (you currently cannot provide a name)
[mobType] any mob type can be defined to only remove that type of entity (or with -m:[mobType])
-f will combine monsters, pets, npc, golems, animals, ambient, and vehicles into one
-lightning strikes lightning where the entity got removed
[range] a number in blocks, to help remove entities in close range. (or with -r:[range])
-list print-out entities in the appropriate categories.
-w:[world] to remove all entities from specified worldname
-s will silence the output of the command to the player.


/cmi killall – will remove all (unnamed) monsters.
/cmi killall -list will list entities.
/cmi killall 60 will remove monsters in 60 block range from you.
/cmi killall -r:5 will remove monsters in a range of 5 blocks from you.
/cmi killall zombie will remove all zombies.
/cmi killall zombie skeleton will remove all zombies and skeletons.
/cmi killall -m:sheep will remove all (unnamed) sheep.
/cmi killall -monsters -lightning will remove all monsters, and strikes them with lightning at their location.
/cmi killall -named will remove all mobs with a name (monster & friendly). It won’t remove unnamed monsters.
/cmi killall -monsters -named will remove all monsters, and all named mobs (monsters and friendly).
/cmi killall -w:world_nether will remove all monsters from the world ‘world_nether’.
/cmi killall -f -named will forcefully remove all friendly mobs, monsters, and named ones.

Commands, Permissions & Placeholders


> cmi checkcommand killall
 /cmi killall (-monsters/-pets/-npc/-animals/-ambient/-named/-f/-lightning/-list/-m:[mobType]) (-r:range) (-s) (-w:[worldName])

To kill a player, use /cmi kill instead


> cmi checkperm killall
 cmi.command.killall - Kill mobs around you


There are no placeholders for this feature