Args: ‘cmi setwarp [warpName] (true/false) (hand) (slot)’
Permission needed to use it: cmi.command.warp

Defines a list of warp for /cmi warp command.
To set the warp, you need cmi.command.setwarp permission.

A simple warp.

cmi setwarp test
All warps can be edited with help of GUI by using /cmi editwarp [warpName] in this example it would be /cmi editwarp test which will open GUI which will look something like this

This GUI provides option to define things like:

  • Set custom item when warp GUI list is used and you have access to this warp (cmi.command.warp.[warpname])
  • Set custom item when warp GUI list is uses and you don’t have access to this warp (cmi.command.warp.[warpname])
  • Set permission requirement to use this warp
  • Set if you want to show this warp if player doesn’t have access to it
  • Set auto lore generation (true/false) with location where this warp leads to
  • Set custom slot in GUI where you want to place it
  • Set custom page in GUI where you want to place. So you can have multiple pages of warps and each of them are more specialized.
  • Redefine warp location to where you are now

Creates warp and will require cmi.command.warp.[warpname] permission node to use it. In this example cmi.command.warp.test.

cmi setwarp test true

Creates warp will take item from hand to display in gui for this warp.

cmi setwarp test hand

Creates warp and sets gui slot to be used in gui (1-54).

cmi setwarp test 13

All in one step.

cmi setwarp test true hand 13

Here an example how to customize warps if is activated the GUI version:


  • To send another player to a warp, you need cmi.command.warp.others permission.
  • You can activate BlackListedItems like spawn in config file.
  • You can use warp like a condition to Respawn option.
  • You can use warp like a condition to WarmUps option.
  • You can remove warp with cmi.command.removewarp permission. Args: ‘cmi removewarp (warpName)’.
  • You can change setting of warp in config file.