The plugin is not dependent on any other plugin. So it can run alone without any issues. Some limitations can appear, like limited economy usage. But other than this, place the plugin file into ~/plugins/ folder, start the server and you are good to go.

On the first run plugin will create quite a few default files, this includes locale files which can be used to change and translate plugin output messages to your own liking.

CMI will not give access to commands by default. A regular player will not gain access to any command without giving a particular permission node for it.

Commands by default are in a long format like /cmi heal [playerName] this can be changed in 2 ways:

  • The first is to enable predefined short commands in ~/plugins/Saves/Alias.yml which will change it into /heal [playerName] and performing /cmi reload or a server restart.
  • The second is to create your own short command with /cmi aliaseditor command, in this example /cmi aliaseditor new heal-cmi heal $1- 

In case you are transitioning from EssentialsX, you can utilize the  /cmi importfrom essentials [home/warp/nick/logoutlocation/money/mail]command to import players’ information, which can include their balance.

By default CMI will use the SQLite database, in case you want to change it:

Changing the method in the ~/plugins/CMI/Settings/DataBaseInfo.yml file and reloading the plugin. This method will not save current information you might already have.

To convert into anything database type without losing any data use /cmi migratedatabase which will transfer data from SQLite to MySQL or vice versa depending on your current system. This requires you to have MySQL data to be set correctly (password, username, database name, and so on)

The Economy engine and Chat manager are disabled by default. You can enable them in the ~/plugins/CMI/config.yml file. You might need to perform a full server restart for it to take full effect.