Each job can have a title added before their name whenever a player chats. This is done automatically by Jobs.

Job Titles

These values can be edited inside of your jobConfig.yml

The full name of the job (ie Miner). This is shown when display method is set to full or job
The abbreviated/short name of the job (ie M for Miner). This is shown when the display method is set to shortfull or shortjob, or the player has more than one job and using full or job method.
Self expainatory. Accepted values are from this page
Display method of the title. Accepted values are full, title, job, shortfull, shorttitle, shortjob and none

Level Titles

You can add a subtitle to each player when you reach a particular level in your job. These are shown when using full, title, or shorttitle display methods in your titleConfig.yml

Full name of the title (ie Master. This is shown when using full or title.
The abreviated/short name of the title (ie M). This is shown when using shortfull or shorttitle, or when the player has more than one job and using full or title.
Self expainatory. Accepted values are from this page
The minimum level required to achieve this title. Use 0 if anybody can get the title. Only the highest possible title will be selected for each player.

Disabling Titles

There are currently two ways of disabling titles. The first method is to change each value of chat-display in jobConfig.yml to none. The second method is to set modify-chat in generalConfig.yml to false.

Using 3rd Party Chat Managers

If you’re using a 3rd party chat manager, you may want to use their custom chat formatting. If you do this, set modify-chat in generalConfig.yml to false. Jobs will replace any instance of {jobs} in the chat formatting string with the appropriate title. This should work with the majority of the chat formatting plugins out there. If it doesn’t work, contact the author, or try a different chat manager.