/jobs area add wg:worldGuardArea 2jobs.area.addAdds a new restricted area with 2 amount of bonus and in the specific worldGuard area.
/jobs area add 2.1jobs.area.addAdds a new restricted area with 2.1 amount of bonus.
/jobs area remove areaNamejobs.area.removeRemoves the given restricted area.
/jobs area infoPrints the current informations about area if the player standing in one of them.
/jobs area listLists all the available restricted areas by location.

Edit item bonus

Permission: jobs.command.edititembonus

/jobs edititembonus add itemNameSets the item bonus NBT to what is in the player hand.
/jobs edititembonus removeRemoves the NBT from the item what the player is holding currently.
/jobs edititembonus listLists the item bonuses that the player is holding currently.

Edit points

Permission: jobs.command.editpoints

/jobs editpoints playerName add 3.2Adds 3.2 amount of points to the given player.
/jobs editpoints playerName take 5Takes 5 amount of points from the given player.
/jobs editpoints playerName set 35Sets the player points to 35

Experience, level

Permissions: jobs.command.exp, jobs.command.level

/jobs exp playerName jobName add 2.5Adds 2.5 amount of experience to the given player.
/jobs level playerName jobName take 8Takes 8 amount of level from the given player.
/jobs expplayerName jobName set 10Sets the player exp to 10

Expboost, moneyboost, pointboost

Permissions: jobs.command.expboost, jobs.command.moneyboost, jobs.command.pointboost

/jobs expboost jobName 2.5Adds 2.5 amount of experience boost to the specified job.
/jobs pointboost jobName 1hour5m30second 2.5Adds 2.5 amount of point boost to the specified job with the specified time.
/jobs moneyboost all 5 10mAdds 5 amount of money boost to all the available jobs for 5 minutes.
/jobs expboost reset jobNameResets the experience boost for the specified job.
/jobs pointboost reset allResets the point boost for all jobs.

Gtop, top

Permission: jobs.command.gtop,

/jobs gtop/topDisplays the global toplist in scoreboard or in chat.
/jobs gtop/top clearClears the visible scoreboard.
/jobs gtop/top 2Displays the global toplist from the given page.



/jobs info jobNameDisplays informations about the given job.
/jobs info jobName 2Displays informations about the given job from page 2.
/jobs info jobName placeDisplays informations about the given job with the specified action type.


Permission: jobs.command.join

/jobs join jobNameJoins to the given job
/jobs join jobName -needConfirmationJoins to the given job with confirmation.


Permission: jobs.command.placeholders

/jobs placeholdersLists all the available jobs placeholders.
/jobs placeholders parse %placeholder%Parses the given placeholder
/jobs placeholders -p:3Prints the placeholders from page 3.
/jobs placeholders playerNameLists all the available jobs placeholders for the given player.


Permission: jobs.command.playerinfo

/jobs playerinfo playerName jobNameDisplays the given job informations including player.
/jobs playerinfo playerName jobName 2Displays informations about the given job and player from page 2.
/jobs playerinfo playerName jobName breakDisplays informations about the given job and player with the specified action type.


Permission: jobs.command.quests

/jobs questsDisplays the available quests for the player.
/jobs quests playerNameDisplays the available quests about the given player.
/jobs quests nextResets and gets a new quest lists


Permission: jobs.command.resetquest

/jobs resetquestResets the quests for the player.
/jobs resetquest playerNameResets the quests for the given player.
/jobs resetquest jobName playerNameResets the quests for the specified job.

Miscellaneous commands

/jobs archivejobs.command.archiveDisplays the archived jobs list for the player.
/jobs archive playerNamejobs.command.admin.archiveDisplays the archived jobs list about the specified player.
/jobs blockinfojobs.command.blockinfoPrints the block informations where the player is looking at.
/jobs bonus jobNamejobs.command.bonusDisplays the currently available bonuses for the given job.
/jobs bpjobs.command.bpDisplays only one block protection around the player within 10 radius.
/jobs bp -ajobs.command.bpDisplays all the available block protection around the player within 10 radius.
/jobs browsejobs.command.browseDisplays all the available jobs in GUI or in chat.
/jobs browse -p:3jobs.command.browseDisplays the available jobs from page 3 in chat.
/jobs browse -j:jobNamejobs.command.browseDisplays the specified job in chat.
/jobs clearownershipjobs.command.clearownershipClears for the player’s all the registered owner ship, like furnaces, brewing stands.
/jobs clearownership playerNamejobs.command.admin.clearownershipClears the given player’s registered owner ship, like furnaces, brewing stands.
/jobs convertjobs.command.convertConverts the current database to a new one.
/jobs demote playerName jobName leveljobs.command.demoteDemotes a specified player’s job level to a new one.
/jobs employ playerName jobNamejobs.command.employEmploys the given player in the specified job.
/jobs entitylistjobs.command.entitylistLists all the known alive and spawnable entities.
/jobs exploredjobs.command.exploredPrints all explored chunks players in specific chunk.
/jobs fire jobName playerNamejobs.command.fireFires the given player from the specified job.
/jobs fireall alljobs.command.fireallFires all the player from all jobs.
/jobs fireall playerNamejobs.command.fireallFires the given player from all jobs.
/jobs give playerName jobName items/limiteditemsjobs.command.giveGives a limited item to the given player.
/jobs glogjobs.command.glogPrints all jobs log globally.
/jobs grantxp playerName jobName 3.4jobs.command.grantxpGrants 3.4 amount of experience for the given player to the specified job.
/jobs itembonusjobs.command.itembonusDisplays the item bonuses that the player holds currently including armor contents.
/jobs iteminfojobs.command.iteminfoDisplays the item informations the the player holds currently.
/jobs leave jobNamejobs.command.leaveLeaves the specified job.
/jobs leavealljobs.command.leaveallLeaves all the jobs.
/jobs limit playerNamejobs.command.limitPrints the limit of the player.
/jobs logjobs.command.logDisplays the player’s log
/jobs log playerNamejobs.command.log.othersDisplays other player’s log
/jobs pointsjobs.command.pointsDisplays the amount of player’s points.
/jobs points playerNamejobs.command.admin.pointsDisplays the amount of the given player’s points.
/jobs promote playerName jobNamejobs.command.promotePromotes the given player to the specified job.
/jobs reloadjobs.command.reloadReloads the entire plugin
/jobs removexp playerName jobName 7.4jobs.command.removeexpRemoves given amount of experience from player’s job.
/jobs resetlimit playerNamejobs.command.resetlimitResets the given player’s limit.
/jobs resetlimit alljobs.command.resetlimitResets all the player’s limit.
/jobs skipquest jobName playerName questNamejobs.command.skipquestSkips the given quest for the player.
/jobs statsjobs.command.statsPrints the player’s job statistic.
/jobs stats playerNamejobs.command.admin.statsPrints the given player’s job statistic.
/jobs toggle bossbar/actionbarjobs.command.toggleToggles the given action type from displaying.
/jobs transfer playerName oldJob newJobjobs.command.transferTransfers the given player’s old job to the new one.