The list of permissions below provides the player who has the permission, access to the feature of the plugin.
For example, if JohnDoe has residence.command.list.others when he logs in, he will be able to type in /res listall and see all player residences.
The use of the asterisks * wildcard character provides access to all permissions that begin with residence. if the residence.* permission was granted.
-residence.admin.* would deny access to all admin commands.
Permissions denoted by (OP) require the player with the permission to be in the ops.json file.

residence.chatcolor – Allows to change residence chat color.
residence.chatprefix – Allows to change residence chat prefix.
residence.chatkick – Allows to kick player from residence chat.
residence.permisiononerror – Allows to see missing permission on error message.
residence.command.message.enter – Allows to change residence enter message.
residence.command.message.leave – Allows to change residence leave message.
residence.command.message.enter.remove – Allows to remove residence enter message.
residence.command.message.leave.remove – Allows to remove residence leave message.
residence.cleanbypass – Prevents residence from ebing removed on automatic cleanup.
residence.worldguard.[region] – Allows to create residence inside region.
residence.flag.[flagname] – Gives access to defined flag.
residence.tpdelaybypass – Allows to bypass teleport delay.
residence.backup – Allows to use backup flag to save residence into schematics. – Allows teleportation into residence where its not allowed.
residence.topadmin – Defines as residence top admin.
residence.admin – Defines as residence admin.
residence.admin.move – Allows movement in residence where its not allowed.
residence.newguyresidence – Creates residence on first chest place.
residence.bypass.ignorey – Allows to ignore Y corrdiante restrictions.
residence.bypass.ignoreyinsubzone – Allows to ignore subzone limitations.
residence.bypass.destroy – Allows to bypass destroy flag. – Allows to bypass build flag.
residence.bypass.container – Allows to bypass container flag.
residence.bypass.use – Allows to bypass use flag. – Allows to bypass fly flag.
residence.bypass.nofly – Allows to bypass nofly flag. – Allows to bypass command flag.
residence.bypass.command – Allows to bypass command flag.
residence.bypass.itempickup – Allows to bypass itempickup flag. – Allows to buy residence.
residence.sell – Allows to sell residence.
residence.max.res.unlimited – Defines residence limit as unlimited.
residence.max.res.[number] – Defines residence limit.
residence.max.subzones.unlimited – Defines subzone limit as unlimited.
residence.max.subzones.[number] – Defines subzone limit.
residence.max.subzonedepth.unlimited – Defines subzone depth limit as unlimited.
residence.max.subzonedepth.[number] – Defines subzone depth limit.
residence.max.rents.unlimited – Defines residence rent limit as unlimited.
residence.max.rents.[number] – Defines residence rent limit.[groupname] – Defines players residence group. – Allows to evict players from rented residences.
residence.rename – Allows to rename residence. – Allows to select residence area. – Allows to toggle auto selection for others.
residence.resize – Allows to resize residence.
residence.create – Allows to create residence.
residence.create.subzone – Allows to create residence subzones.
residence.randomtp – Allows to use rt command.
residence.randomtp.admin – Allows to use rt command on another player.
residence.randomtp.cooldownbypass – Allows to bypass random teleport command cooldown.
residence.randomtp.delaybypass – Allows to bypass random teleport command delay.
residence.delete – Allows to delete residence.
residence.delete.subzone – Allows to delete subzone.
residence.command.kick.bypass – Allows to bypass kick from residence.
residence.command.contract.subzone – Allows to contract subzones.
residence.command.expand.subzone – Allows to expand subzones.
residence.versioncheck – Shows when we have new version of plugin.
residence.command.[commandname] – Gives access to particular command.
residence.command.[commandname].others – Allows to perform command on another player.