Basic Command Usage:

  • /cmi customrecipe (Required Permission: cmi.command.customrecipe)

This command will result in the Custom Recipe Gui Being opened as shown Below.

Clicking on the First Green Wool Icon Will result in the following Screen:

Note: Adding Ingredients and Closing GUI WILL result in the loss of ingredients
Being a Shaped Recipe, add the Items that will comprise of your Custom Recipe
in the Shape that is required to Craft the Recipe and the result in the RH Slot.
See Image Below

Once Completed, Click the LH Green Wool Save Button to Save The Recipe Result!

Now your Recipe will be shown on the Main GUI Page As the Result. If Creating a
Shapeless Recipe, it Doesn’t Matter how the Items are arranged in the Recipe Table,
the Combination of Items Specified will Result in your Recipe Outcome.

For a custom furnace recipe/cook, enter the GUI with the same command as above.
Instead of Clicking on green wool, click on furnace.

You will then enter the furnace GUI where you have 2 options;
1.) What goes in the furnace, 2.) What the result will be.

Add your ingredients for your custom “furnace recipe”.

Click on the LH green wool to save your “recipe”

Proposed Features:

  • Ability to Charge Exp/Money for Crafting the Recipe @EODSteven
  • Ability to define a custom furnace fuel (IE water bottle as fuel for resultant Exp Bottle) @EODSteven