Scan feature allows to find items placed in any type of container in any place on entire map. If you are looking for lost OP sword or stolen goods, you can use this feature to find it.

To keep in mind that this will NOT check players inventory or enderchests, if you want to check those you will need to use /search command instead.

Places where plugin will look:

Option to remove items automatically if scan found any.
After scan you will get list of found places, you can teleport to that place by clicking on appropriate line or edit its content (if available) by clicking edit button
Optimized to avoid lagging out server, so scan speed will automatically adjust to current server state to keep TPS above threshold. 
15 000 x 15 000 map scans in around 45min, it’s around 6GB data to go throw. Full map scanning is really only for extreme cases if you don’t want any chances to leave items hidden.

Option to pause scanning at any time and continue later on /scan pause and /scan continue
Stop scanning at any time with /scan stop
Scan variables:

id [id:data] – item identification by its id and/or data value
q [minimum quantity] – minimum quantity of that item in one place
r [range in chunks] – option to use g instead of number to scan entire map”,
n [item name] – optional item name to look by, ignores color codes. Space should be indicated by underscore like multi_word_name
l [item lore] – optional item lore. Space should be indicated by underscore like multi_word_lore
h – uses information of item from your hand
e [enchantname] – looks for items by particular enchantment
elvl [enchantminlevel] – looks for items with enchantment level equal or above given
oversize – looks for any item stacks which are unregular size
purge – removes found items, this feature should be enabled in config file and is disabled by default for security resons

Comamnd examples:

/scan id 52 r 30 – looks for spawners in 30 chunk range from you
/scan id diamond_block r g q 32 – looks for diamond blocks from entire map and total quantity in one place should be above 32
/scan id 276 r 30 n power_sword e sharpness elvl 10 – looks for diamond swords in 30 chunk range by “power sword” name and by sharpness enchantment which are 10 or higher