The Residence Market system comes with an integrated residence-sign feature to have easy way to buy/rent to players without them having to  use any commands in-game. Create a residence, then add it to the market, and create the sign with [market] on first line, and you’re done.

Creating a market residence, with sign.

You need to add residence into market with /res market rentable [residenceName] [costToRent] [intervalInDays] (allowRenewing) (stayInMarket) (allowAutoPay) command.

For example, /res market rentable MyHouse 1000 7

In this example it will put MyHouse on the market for rent, for 1000 bucks each week.

When the sign is placed inside the residence then you only have to set the top line as [market] and the rest of it gets filled in and that makes it interactable.

When you place the sign outside of the residence you will need to provide the residence name in the second and third lines. Provide the residence name in the second/third/fourth lines (start from first and carry the name on the following line if it does not fit).

Commands and Permissions

On this page you can find more Residence Market commands:

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